We hope to find you and your pets healthy! This message serves to update you on our COVID protocols and also to acknowledge our fantastic staff. Thank you for taking the time to read this whole message.

We have all experienced challenges in the past few months, and The Pet Doctor is no different. We will continue to offer Curbside Care until further notice, as we feel this is the best way to provide care for our patients while keeping our staff healthy. If our staff does not remain healthy, we may have to close our doors, which has happened at other vet clinics. This would be devastating to our team and, more importantly, for your pet’s healthcare needs.

As always, we are committed to getting you in right away if your pet is sick or injured.

We understand some other businesses (but not vet clinics) are allowing folks inside. Unfortunately, this is not realistic for our services, and all our adjustments for you entering the building would eliminate the room for multiple appointment spots per day. We cannot practice adequate social distancing in our exam rooms, so we would need to take your pet to the treatment area anyway. Most pets are handling the changes really well, and we give them plenty of love while they are away from you!

Please take a moment to thank our technicians. All our team members are working their tails off. They have worked extended hours over lunch and stayed late a lot of days in order to see all of the pets that need care. Every day is booked at max capacity, and then we add in same-day urgent cases. Due to COVID, we also offer drop-off appointments for those that we can’t fit into a specific appointment time. We do this because we do not ever want to turn away a pet who needs us!!

We treat your pets the same way we would in your presence (except we may love and kiss on them and speak in high squeaky voices).

To those clients that have been patient, we sincerely appreciate it. Some clients have sent us treats and food, which makes our day! Our calls have increased, with the same number of phone lines & staff. Because of this, it is not unusual for all our phone lines to be in use at once. You may end up on hold, hear a busy signal, or get our voice mail. Please keep trying. We want to talk to you and are doing our best.

Our team members are truly the heroes these days, and deserve to feel that way! Please know that we will not tolerate poor behavior towards our staff. All of us, including doctors, have been on the receiving end of this unacceptable behavior. Our staff has been subjected to verbal abuse on the phone and in the parking lot, almost daily, for six months. We have tried to be understanding, knowing the world has been in distress. We love our patients, we love our jobs, and we’re truly doing everything we can to accommodate everyone.

Thank you for your continued patience & trust of our team members. We can’t wait for things to eventually be back to normal.

Marcy Hammerle, DVM DABVP CCRP
Laura McManus, DVM
Kate Callaway, DVM
Andrea Bauer, DVM
Jon Nauss, DVM

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